Posted on 15.Aug.2016 by MeatG

Welcome to the only WoW guild website that matters: CITS Dorks. This guild is the greatest thing since Burning Crusade was new in 2007. Never before have you seen power leveling and Altitis to this degree. Even Sargerus stands in awe of our awesomeness.

The main aims of this website is to document the incredible adventures of the legendary CITS Dorks across Azeroth and beyond. Also contained within is character information and phamphlet on deep vein thrombosis (don't want anyone to die on us, now do we?)

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Posted on 15.Aug.2016 by MeatG

Hi! My name is Meat G Triple OG and I'm a 33 year old man child with a degree in game design that I'll never use, mostly due to my childlike willpower. My main aim with this website is to create a hub for our guild mates to upload character information and post screenshots of our exploits in Azeroth. I hope you like the site, but if you don't, well fuck off then mate!

I will also be linking some other websites I am working on as well. When you ask? Hell if I know, just check back every few months.

Quote of the Century

If you could dome yourself, would you swallow? - MeatG

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